3 Reasons Your Testosterone is Falling

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2020

You may have heard the ads: Are you tired? Irritable? Gaining weight? Losing hair? Is your rocket not blasting off? You may suffer from a treatable condition called Low T. Blah blah blah come to our clinic so we can drug you up for thousands of dollars and ignore what's causing it.

I believe we are in a massive health crisis. A crisis that the public is totally oblivious to. In short we go throughout our day, year after year, then we experience symptoms, we go to the medical doctor, then we get a drug, that leads to another drug, and another drug and we keep going throughout our day. We never address what's causing the symptoms. We just cover it up and ignore the cause and ultimately get worse.

A great analogy would be: If your oil light comes on in your car, do you cover it up with electrical tape and keep driving? No... of course not. Your engine would cease and you'd be buying a new engine or a new car! 

When it come to low testosterone, the medical system says take synthetic testosterone to increase your testosterone levels. Is this a long term solution? No. Is that an expensive solution? YES! The reason for your low testosterone level is still present. and unless that reason or cause is still present, the end-result is still the same. The solution is always to get to the cause of the problem and not sweep it under the rug.

When I was feeling at my worst. I addressed the cause and concentrated on increasing the function of my body through specific means.

Here are 3 reasons why your Testosterone is falling:

1) Your testosterone is being converted to Estrogen! Chances are your body is actually producing the proper amount of testosterone, but because of inflammation, excess body fat, high insulin, or even alcohol; an enzyme called Aromatase activated and is converting your much needed Testosterone into Estrogen. Most specifically, it's converted to Estradiol which is an estrogen steroid hormone predominately found in women to regulate her menstrual cycle for reproduction and develop secondary sexual characteristics like breasts or wider hips. As a man, do you want breasts or wider hips? I wouldn't think so. Could you see how injecting more testosterone could led to more estrogen? For myself, I did a dried urine test called DUTCH and I suggest that for all my clients. It's an advanced hormone test that was developed to improve on available hormone testing options. It offers the most extensive profile of sex hormones along with their metabolites. It discovers specific levels of the biochemical hormone production process that are creating the imbalances. I suggest doing a dried urine test to determine if you have low testosterone or if your testosterone is being converted to estrogen.

2) Excess Sugar Why is it that we have more diets, more fat-free foods, more low calorie foods then ever before yet the obesity rates are still climbing? The truth of the matter is our TVs and phones are getting skinnier and our bodies are getting fatter. With the low fat/no fat/low cholesterol craze that started in 1976, fat was removed, but carbs, sugar, and chemicals were added! Cholesterol and fat are essential for hormone production. It's like building a house with no materials. You have the financing, you have the contractors, you have the location, but no materials to build! Where's the house? It's not going to happen. 

With the added sugars and the carbs that turn into sugar, your pancreas releases insulin to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood and the excess sugar that doesn't get converted to energy gets stored as fat. Sugar is the go-to, quick energy that the body utilizes first. Fat, the stored sugar is utilized next. With a more sedentary lifestyle of things like desk work, tv watching, dealing with chronic pain, and fast food, the body doesn't metabolize all the available sugars and never utilizes the reserved fat. 

Check out these tasty recipes: 

Estrogen-blocking Mushroom Salad

Testosterone Boosting Cabbaghetti

3) DNA damage In the DUTCH test, it can suggest if DNA damage is present. DNA damage is a modification of the basic structure of the DNA strand. It can be caused by a chemical adding to it, or a disruption to the DNA sequence or a break in the single or double strand. With improper DNA coding, abnormal proteins, hormones and bodily functions are produced. For an example, say you were given directions from Los Angeles to New York city, but instead of everytime the directions should have said drive 'East', it said 'South.' Those directions would never get you there. So every time your DNA gets damaged is giving your body the wroge directions. 

The good news is, instead of guessing what your body needs, you can test. At DrChad.com we recommend DUTCH lab test. It's a comprehensive, innovative lab test that measures more than just basic hormone levels. It will show where in the hormone synthesis pathway that the disruption is happening. 

Click here to get your DUTCH lab test sent to you today!

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