#1 Success Factor for Raising Testosterone Naturally

Today I am going to go over the #1 Success Factor to Raising Testosterone and overcoming Low T naturally! I've now talked to 100's of you, coached and trained many of you. I've had a lot of conversations with men in the beginning of their process, during and on the back end with success and failure. Through this I've noticed a Key Factor that determines whether they will be successful or fail at raising their testosterone naturally without the use of gels, creams, injections or other medications! I want to talk about what that success factor is and how a lot of men can raise their T naturally and over come Low T.

Of course there are people that come to me and say, "oh it's not possible to raise your T naturally," or "that's great that you were able to overcome the debilitating effects of Low T, but there is just no possible way for me to do that." I've heard, "I'm to tired," "I'm to overweight," or "my marriage is too far gone to be saved." Well, if you think that way... you're right! There is no way you'll overcome obstacles with that way of thinking.

I'll tell you most of my successful clients thought this way and now they are reaping the benefits of overcoming Low T with more energy, more lean muscle, better performance in the bedroom and healthier marriages! 

I feel with my client testimonials and success stories that I've proven that you can raise you testosterone naturally without gels, creams, injections or other medications and a lot of men now have implemented my strategies that I've educated people on and created reproducible success.

This is why I want to get this information out to you. What is the #1 success factor to raising your testosterone naturally and overcoming Low T without gels, creams, injections or other medications?

What that #1 success factor is... it's not another exercise or diet... it's not another supplement or test you need. All of those are great and necessary, but it's not the #1 success factor that I've seen! There is the study of epistemology (the theory of knowledge), which those fall under.

The #1 Success Factor is in the study of Ontology - the study of being! Who you are being in the process of searching and educating that will determine your long-term success. That is something so profound. I'll give you an example... 2 men with the same skill sets, same education, same opportunities and resources. Each live their lives with opposite contexts of the world, opposite views, opposite mindsets, opposite mode of operation. One is optimistic the other pessimistic. One is saying that it's too hard or it's not worth it. The other is saying, "you know, their is a possibility for me, the map will appear when the car is in motion, I'm just going to take steps forward and figure this out as I go." Those 2 people have 2 totally different ways of being. The way you are being has a ripple effect in the world. Ripple effect on people around you. If you bump into someone and they complement you, it rubs off and you feel better and maybe you make someone else feel better or you have those energy vampires that suck the life out of you. By the way you are being, you can have a more positive impact of those around you like your kids, your spouse, your friends, your co-workers... in turn you are more fulfilled, happier, living the life you always intended to. 

What if you keep showing up pessimistic, tired, depressed around your kids, spouse or at a work meeting? What kind of ripple effect does that create in your life? Does that improve your chances of a promotion? NO. Does that create more fulfillment in your life? NO. Will you have regrets looking back at your life when you're 80years old? Unfortunately yes! Your state of being impacts your language, your interactions, your future. 

What I'm getting at is... some of my clients have this can-do attitude, they'll do whatever it takes, they don't know all the answers, but who they are being through the process determines their success! Are you someone who will show up, ask the right questions, take steps in the right direction, who isn't willing to quit until they reach their goal? Are you surrounding yourself with people who will build you up or pull you down?

It's time to drive a stake in the ground and commit to raising you testosterone naturally. It's time to BE the man you are meant to be. There is no pitty party. You're not a victim. You have what it takes! All you have to do is DO. Your family is depending on you. Your friends, your co-workers are all depending on you. You want your wife to love you again? You want to before in the bedroom again? You want your kids to be in awe of you? You want the energy, the weight loss, the muscle gain, the confidence? It's time. Stomp your foot, clap your hands and say, "it's time!"

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