Kids Make Estrogen blocking Mushroom Salad

recipe Nov 10, 2018

Mushrooms like White Button Mushrooms have anti-aromatase properties to block the  testosterone estrogen conversion in your body. Consuming organic raw mushrooms can help boost testosterone or for that matter keep you from losing it. I once watched a show on people cheating in Vegas at the Casinos. With a slight of hand they would remove a chip from the blackjack table when they knew they had a loosing hand. The line was, "if you can prevent losing more, you are ahead." Same goes here, don't lose anymore then you need to. Give it a try.



Organic Mushrooms, chopped

Organic Parsley, chopped

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, drizzled

Hand Squeezed Lemon Juice, drizzled

Raw Organic Parmesan Cheese, a few pinches

Sea Salt, light for taste

Peppe, light for taste

Add all contents to a bowl and consume


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