Meet Dr. Chad

Dr. Chad is results-motivated! He is a highly sought-out natural health expert, a published author, charismatic speaker, radio show host, skilled athlete and family man. The Blue Magazine featured him and his family on the cover having made a large impact in the Milwaukee area. In 2017, his Health Group was rated #1 Natural Health Group in Milwaukee by A-List Milwaukee which had over 50,000 votes! 

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Chad has studied all over the United States, learning from experts in the fields of neurology, nutrition, psychology, fitness, detoxification, natural health, cancer, and endocrinology. His excessive desire to read, learn and implement is fueled by the positive testimonials of his health clients and the impact and life transformations that result from his programs. Because of these outcomes, many people outside his local reach asked for ways to follow his recommendations. As a result, was birthed!

L to R: Wife Victoria, Daughter Gemma, Son Roman and Dr. Chad

Dr. Chad's health journey started to piece together after seeing close family members and friends die earlier than expected throughout his childhood. Through the years he listened to a spectrum of health advise, some very sound, others quite comical. Though Dr. Chad has been health-oriented for many years, after hitting a time of high stress, exhaustion, and depression, he developed crippling testicular pain. After labs, imaging, and specialists, he was recommended to have an orchiectomy (testicle removal) and to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy for the rest of his life. There were no recommendations to get to the cause of the problem, just to perform some emasculating surgery and then become a lifelong prisoner of the drug companies! 

Dr. Chad Wellness, LLC is there for transforming the common man to the man they always felt they could be. We believe that there is a cause to everything and treating a symptom is not a long-term solution. We believe there is no quick fix to life. Small changes and better decision making over time will always get the results you were looking for. Craving instant gratification has only gotten you to where you are now and is failing you. It has failed us and we need a transformation! Decide now to not accept anything but the man you were meant to be. Shock yourself. Impress those around you. The limited time you have on this planet is shrinking by the day. If you were to pass on today, what would your legacy be? How quickly would you be forgotten? What regrets or guilt do you currently have for not being the man you dreamt of being? There is no better time than now! Click one of the links, get the download, watch the ground-breaking webinar and get in touch with us to start your journey to freedom!


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